Irish Music Summer School in Elmstein, Naturfreundehaus

Esthaler Straße 65, 67471 Elmstein

Telefon:06328 229


3. - 9. 8. 2014


I shall teach mid-advance students in all aspects of uilleann piping: Figering, embellishments, dance music tunes, maintenance, tuning and reed adjustments, playing position... very much dependent on the demands coming from the students. So, if you plan to attend, please contact me on kannmacher@gmx.de.



Workshop: Songs in Irish


March 15 / 16  in the  Studienzentrum für keltische Sprachen und Kulturen

D-53639 Königswinter

Phone: 02223 / 912666
Telefax: 02223 / 912667
E-Mail: heike.kosmider@sksk.de, eolas@sksk.de


This workshop was the fifth of this series. It will be continued in autumn this year. Like the workshops before, it will deal with seven songs in Irish, from slow air tempo to the speedy omne, and how to pronounce the texts, their translations, an insight into grammar and linguistics, and, of course, we will sing them with much pleasure. Bring your instrument ! I shall give introductions into the slow air playing.