Private recordings: Poitín Records

These are media, which I have recorded myself at home, which aren`t published for the public, but may be ordered on demand.


The First slip. Airs und Dance Tunes auf Uilleann Pipes (On Concert pipes und flat pipes in c sharp und c)


Tom Kannmacher spielt für Podworny (On a Concert set by Hans Jörg Podworny, with  e - Regulator and additional  e - drones.)


Tom Kannmacher spielt flat für Podworny (On Sets in C and C sharp, with e - drones und e - Regulator)


Tom Kannmacher spielt für Annika B.  (on Concert Pipes)


Tom Kannmacher spielt für Reusch & Podworny (On a  Concert Set by H.J. Podworny und Hans Reusch)


Mussig aus'm Kudderoimer. Played on a definite half set by John Addison, with lengthened drones as to yield B - notes, and a B - chanter by Andreas Rogge, which he had discarded. I had detected it in the dustbin of his workshop, and he gave it to me. I had tuned it successfully and recorded this CD as a revanche. Hans Reusch provided the reed.


Tom Kannmacher & Diarmuid Johnson: Live in Bonn.

Recordings with Diarmuid Johnson, flute and whistle, and Th. K., Pipes, guitar, on different concerts in the Rhineland. 2005 / 2006



The Knotted Chords. Trad. irische tunes und airs, played on pipes in c sharp, with additional e' regulator and two independent groups of drones.


Kannmacher & Hennes live in Düsseldorf. Live - cut of a concert of the Deutsch - Irischen Gesellschaft in the Stadtmuseum Düsseldorf on 5.9. 2007 with songs and  tunes, together with  by singer and guitarist Stephan Hennes


Music School


These are recordings of the bands I have taught in the Musikschule der Bundesstadt Bonn. I have guided innumerous students into traditional music of most of the European regions since 1982.
On these recordings I am involved singing and playing Uilleann Pipes, Hurdy - Gurdy,, Guitar, Banjo, Mandolin, Flute, Tin Whistle, Cello, Fiddle, Scheitholt, Jew's Harp.


Cherry Alley: Rounding the Horn     Traditional music from USA, Ireland, Scotland, Norway, Sweden, Germany... 1994 - 1999


Rolling Wave: High Tide     Irish music in different arrangements, featuring Alexander may, Sabrina Palm, Stephan Hennes e. a. 2000 - 2003


The Reel Bach Consort

A band which interweaves Irish music with parts of Bach's compositions.

Organ, Harpsichord, Accordion (Hubert Arnold),  Fiddle, Violin (Sabrina Palm), Tin Whistle (Nico Büscher), Bodhrán (Andreas Schneider), Steel String Guitar (Stephan Hennes), Harp(Anna Lück) Uilleann Pipes, Flute, 5-string banjo (Th. Kannmacher), Double bass (Ralph-Eric Berg) and more  Pipes (Alexander Froitzheim).



Bach goes Celtic


Bach, Give us a Tune !


Music of the Gentleman Pipers, played by  Tom Kannmacher und Hubert Arnold




German traditional songs, Singer-songwriter


1973: Pons 73, 2me festival de musique traditionelle. Expression spontanée No. 13. BP 148 06 75263 Paris cedex 06 (1 song with hurdy-gurdy, "Zwischen Berg und tiefem Tal",)


1973: Wackawackaboing und Boom Boom Bang, Songbird 1 C 062-31 122. Solo - LP


1974: Deutsche Liedermacher. Songfestival Ingelheim, Live- Mitschnitt. 1 C 148, 2 songs


1974: Arbeiterjugendtag Köln . SJD Die Falken Best. Nr. 121074 (1 song)


1976: Wer jetzig Zeiten leben will, im Eigenverlag, dann Pläne TK/JS - 01 76 (with Jürgen Schöntges etc.)


1976: Konzert für Pitter. Göppingen 1976 live.EV 77001 (2 songs, with Jürgen Schöntges)


1976: Hein & Oss: Volkslieder. Büchergilde 15003


1977: Wenn alle Brünnlein fließen, Pläne S 19 F 903. (with Jürgen Schöntges etc.)


1978: Single: Die Geige / Es ist noch Whisky da. Schott - Verlag. (with Jürgen Schöntges)


1979: Bauer Maas, Lieder gegen Atomenergie. Verlegt von Birger Gesthuisen.   


1981: Jürgen Schöntges: Wenn der Wind sich dreht. Philips 6435110


2005: Steinitzsingen. tff - Bonus - CD zum 100. Geb. von Wolfgang Steinitz. (Song "Der Deserteur",with J. Schöntges)


2006: Liedermacher der 70er Jahre. Bear F