Private recordings: Poitín Records

These are media, which I have recorded myself at home, which aren`t published for the public, but may be ordered on demand.


The First slip. Airs und Dance Tunes auf Uilleann Pipes (On Concert pipes und flat pipes in c sharp und c)


Tom Kannmacher spielt für Podworny (On a Concert set by Hans Jörg Podworny, with  e - Regulator and additional  e - drones.)


Tom Kannmacher spielt flat für Podworny (On Sets in C and C sharp, with e - drones und e - Regulator)


Tom Kannmacher spielt für Annika B.  (on Concert Pipes)


Tom Kannmacher spielt für Reusch & Podworny (On a  Concert Set by H.J. Podworny und Hans Reusch)


Mussig aus'm Kudderoimer. Played on a definite half set by John Addison, with lenthened drones as to yield B - notes, and a B - chanter by Andreas Rogge, which he had discarded. I had detected it in the dustbin of his workshop, and he gave it to me. I had tuned it successfully and recorded this CD as a revanche. Hans Reusch provided the reed.


Tom Kannmacher & Diarmuid Johnson: Live in Bonn.

Recordings with Diarmuid Johnson, flute and whistle, and Th. K., Pipes, guitar, on different concerts in the Rhineland. 2005 / 2006



The Knotted Chords. Trad. irische tunes und airs, played on pipes in c sharp, with additional e' regulator and two independent groups of drones.


Kannmacher & Hennes live in Düsseldorf. Live - cut of a concert of the Deutsch - Irischen Gesellschaft in the Stadtmuseum Düsseldorf on 5.9. 2007 with songs and  tunes, together with  by singer and guitarist Stephan Hennes


Music School


These are recordings of the bands I have taught in the Musikschule der Bundesstadt Bonn. I have guided innumerous students into traditional music of most of the European regions since 1982.
On these recordings I am involved singing and playing Uilleann Pipes, Hurdy - Gurdy,, Guitar, Banjo, Mandolin, Flute, Tin Whistle, Cello, Fiddle, Scheitholt, Jew's Harp.


Cherry Alley: Rounding the Horn     Traditional music from USA, Ireland, Scotland, Norway, Sweden, Germany... 1994 - 1999


Rolling Wave: High Tide     Irish music in different arrangements, featuring Alexander may, Sabrina Palm, Stephan Hennes e. a. 2000 - 2003