My 3  Sets of Uilleann Pipes with Multidrone Setup


Now I own three sets of uilleann pipes (in c, c sharp, d) with e – key in the regulator setup and two independent drone groups, giving  Dd' (oder Gd') and Aa or Hh oder da. They may be changed while playing with a single switch movement. The musical result is convincing enough to Andreas Rogge, the famous pipemaker, to have this construction to be included in his scope of products. My next task will be to have some recordings with this setup to be put into youtube. There are extensive descriptions in The Piper's Review, Iris na bPíobairí, Vol. XXIII No. 1 - Winter 2004: Exploring the Missing Link: the "e" in Uilleann Pipe Harmonies, to be had by,and most recently, in An Píobaire, the newsletter of  Na Píobairí Uilleann, Vol. 9, Nr. 4, S. 20, at .

The geese in the Bog / Chicago Reel


Multidrone Uilleann Pipes: Coinleach glas an fhómhair / The Butcher's March


the Fairy Boy, Scotch Mary, on Multidrone Uilleann Pipes


The Longford Tinker / Tom Busby's, on Multidrone Uilleann Pipes


The Fairy Girl / Wallop the Spot (Spot the Wallop) on Multidrone Uilleann Pipes


Man of Aran and Toormore Slide on his multidrone Uilleann Pipes


Multidrone Uilleann Pipes: Poll Ha`penny, Cutting Bracken


Multidrone Pipes: The Banks of Lough Gowna, McGoldrick`s, The Cock and the Hen


The Kid on the Mountain, on Multidrone Uilleann Pipes


Johnny Cope, on Multidrone Uilleann Pipes


The Goblet of Wine, on Multidrone Uilleann Pipes


Fermoy Lasses Hunter`s Purse on Kannmacher Multidrone Uilleann Pipes


The Lament for Staker Wallace, Multidrone Uilleann Pipes

DUPG Tionol 69 roitzer Mühle


30 Years After: Jazz played on Uilleann Pipes again


It was Marcus Schinkel, a  renowned jazz piano player of Bonn, who invited me to join him playing a concert night, playing jazz arrangements over themes from traditional Irish music, on the uilleann pipes, together with his band. I went to the restaurant “Que sera” in the old quarters of  Bonn, we talked shortly about the pieces to be trated, and than we had a go. It was superb fun, and the music turned out to be really good, given that there were no rehearsals or other preparation for it. I was as surprised by what my pipes yielded as was the audience. It made me long for more, indeed.  In the early eighties I had a trio playing this way, the Tom Kannmacher Trio, with Charley Herbst(dr) and Alfredo Beißel(b). From then on I didn’t play in this style, but haven’t heard from anyone else either. (Apart from Jerry O’Sullivan, but he didn’t improvise in the way of jazz music proper.) 


New: Stories and Music from the West of Ireland 


This is a new program with stories and tales from Cill Rialaig, Co. Kerry, as told in Irish by Seán Í Chonaill and recorded by Séamus Ó Duilearga in the thirties. I have translated them into German and put them on stage, recited from memory, and with tunes and airs being played to illustrate single stations of the stories appropriately, on uilleann pipes, guitar and other instruments   


A New Approach to my Guitar: Kannmachers keltische Gitarre


Now, being retired, I find time to put all the pretty arrangements of Celtic music for classical guitar on stage – pieces, which I only played at home in the Garden or on holidays while camping. There are those Welsh airs from Aria da Camera, fancies and variations by Mauro Giuliani over Irish and Scottish airs and all the arrangements from my own pen, of ancient harp tunes and traditional reels, jigs and hornpipes and strathspeys. Besides a steel stung classical guitar and a nylon strung one, I use guitars from the first half of the 19th century, whose sound is soft, but very pleasant.